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2018 Choreography Competition

  • 14 Dec, 2018
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Our Choreography Competition is always a highlight of the year!  Well done to all the amazing participants who created their own solo, Duo, Trio and group routines to perform for the event!


11-12 Years Duos
1st Place - Isabella F & Olivia W
Best tumbling - Anna E & Summer C
Best Stunts - Madison M & Olivia W
Most Entertaining- Tessa J & Mikayla P

9 yrs and under solos
1st place - Iluka D
Best tumbling - Mia S
Most Entertaining- Lyla J

Open duos
1st place - Arowen V & Isabella F
Best tumbling- Tessa J & Madison M
Most entertaining- Charlotte E & Tullie P
Most Creative - Eloise T & Katerina E
Best Stunts - Sienna T & Olivia T

10-11 Years solos
1st place - Olivia W
Best tumbling - Selina S
Most Entertaining- Shyla P
Best personality - Caitlin M
Best stage presence - Alex S
Most creative - Sofia H

1st place - Isabella F, Sofia H & Olivia W
Best tumbling- Sienna T, Olivia T, Madison M
Most entertaining- Sienna T, Olivia T & Isabella F
Best stunts - Rosie S, Madison M & Arowen V
Mkdt creative - Sienna T, Olivia T & Rosie S

Open solos
1st place - Isabella F
Best tumbling- Madison M
Most entertaining- Matthew V
Most creative - Eloise T
Best personality - Erin D
Best stage presence - Charlotte E

10 yrs & under duos
1st place - Sofia H & Shyla P
Best tumbling - Sofia H & Caitlin M
Most entertaining- Charlotte E & Georgia E
Best stunts - Lucy T & Allegra G

1st place - Lisa H, Sophie H, Tom P, Tullie P, Jesse R, Eloise T, Katerina E, Caitlin M, Selina S, Leika S & Erin D
Best tumbling - Sienna T, Olivia T, Rosie S, Madison M, Arowen V & Tessa J
Best team work - Rosie S, Arowen V, Skylah LH & Ellie V
Most entertaining- Sienna T, Olivia T, Sandy T, Arowen V & Victoria L


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