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Class Programs

Welcome to our class descriptions page.
Minimum starting age is 3 years old.

Starting points include - 

MiniMites - for 3 to 5 year olds (Pre School age) - Girls & Boys

Gymstar - Girls Born 2012, 2013, 2014 (must be in school)

Junior Boys - Boys in prep-Year 2 at school

Junior Bronze - Girls born in 2011

Bronze - Girls and Boys in year 3-5 at school

Teen Bronze - Boys and Girls in year 6-12 at school

Adult beginners - adults looking to have fun and get fit, while learning basic gymnastics skills

From the entry point onward all class movements are skill based to comply with our safety standards.

Please just click on the class name to view detailed descriptions.


MiniMites is our Pre school gymnastics program, for little gymnasts from 3-5 years of age!

Our MiniMites classes are designed to develop each child's coordination, strength, flexibility, agility, concentration, confidence, self esteem, balance, thinking skills and overall physical development.

All classes are based on developing gymnastics skills as is appropriate for the child both physically and mentally. We use gymnastics equipment combined with MiniMites specific items to make each class both exciting and challenging developing all aspects of their physical development as well as coordination, confidence, faster reaction time and safety in the physical environment.

No parent participation in these classes, therefore gymnasts need to be ready to seperate from parents and follow instructions from a coach to be able to participate.

Gymstar - ENTRY POINT FOR Prep-Year 2 Girls

Gymnastics programs for girls from Prep to Year 2 at school. This classes teaches foundation gymnastics skills on all apparatus including Floor, Tumbling, Beam, Bars, Vault, Trampoline and MAG apparatus.

Gymstar will develop your child's strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance and confidence in an engaging and exciting environment. Not only will they get to learn lots of fabulous skills, but they will also learn to land and fall safely which will be advantageous not just in the gym but in a variety of sporting and play environments.

This class is suitable for gymnasts of all abilities, including beginners and those who are moving up from our MiniMites program, as they begin school.

Gymnasts attend a 90 minute class each week. Each class has a special theme to help keep these young gymnasts engaged in the learning process. Classes include a mix of fun theme based circuits as well as teaching the core gymnastics skills on all apparatus.

Minimum age for this program is gymnasts in Prep at school and maximum age is Year 2 at school.


Bronze is a Gymnastics program for male and female gymnasts from Year 3-6 at school. This class teaches gymnastics skills on all MAG and WAG apparatus as well as tumbling and trampoline skills. The classes are specifically designed to cater for a range of ability levels from beginners to intermediate level gymnasts. Students attend weekly for 1 hour and this fast paced class will allow them to visit a variety of apparatus each lesson. Classes promote fitness, strength, flexibility, balance, agility and coordination through teaching fundamental gymnastics skills and laying the foundations for more advanced gymnastics training as students develop. This class is open to students who are moving up from our Gymstar or Junior boys programs, and also to newer gymnasts with no previous experience. There are lots of exciting opportunities available throughout the year to participate in many in club events and competitions. Gymnasts can work towards selection for our Bronze Plus program.


Silver is an intermediate level gymnasts class for both male and female gymnasts who are showing readiness to further accelerate their gymnastics training. Gymnasts aged 8 years and above, who have been selected from our Bronze Plus classes or have attained an appropriate level on all apparatus in MAG and WAG may move into this program. Students attend a fast paced 90 minute class each week, working on a variety of skills on Floor, Tumbling, Trampoline, Bars, Beam, Vault and MAG apparatus. Building on previously learned skills, gymnasts at this level will be able to extend themselves and learn some very exciting skills! Many in club opportunities exist to participate in competitions and events and gymnasts can work towards selection for our Gold program.


Gold is an advanced level gymnastics class catering for both male and female gymnasts who have passed their Silver medal or have reached level 5 or above on all apparatus in MAG or WAG. Gymnasts work on more advanced level skills in tumbling, trampoline and MAG/WAG apparatus. Gold gymnasts can work towards selection for our Performance Team..


WAG stands for Women's Artistic Gymnastics and is the major Olympic gymsport for girls and women. Girls train on 4 apparatus - Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor as well as doing supplementary work on trampoline, strength and flexibility. Girls aged 5-8 can be selected for the WAG program on completion of their Gymstar certificate and begin training in a weekly 2 hour class. Opportunities exist to participate in several Club events, including Team Challenge, Club Comp, Gym wide strength challenge and Showcase. Class uniform is either a leotard or a gymnastics crop top with bike pants. From the WAG program, gymnasts can be selected for our Advanced WAG program.


Advanced Women's Artistic Gymnastics classes for girls in levels 4-10. Gymnasts range from 7 years of age to young adults. Our Advanced WAG classes are exciting, fast paced and energetic, allowing for accelerated skill development on all apparatus. Training programs are developed to cater for each individual so gymnasts can maximise their progress. Gymnasts who show the potential for high level training are selected for this class from the WAG program, and are supported in the transition through our future stars clinics. Through the Advanced WAG classes gymnasts may be selected for our Performance Team. Club Dynamite offers a full complement of Women's Artistic Gymnastics training equipment, as well as a variety of supplementary equipment to develop aerial awareness and drills.


Men's Artistic Gymnastics classes for selected boys in level 5-10.

Advanced MAG is a competitive boys program for selected gymnasts in level 5-10. The boys compete in a variety of gymnastics competitions each year at a local, regional and state level as well as participate in the Gymnastics QLD State Development Squad program to further their skills. Club Dynamite offers a full compliment of Men's Artistic Gymnastics training equipment. All boys will require a club competition uniform. Number of hours trained per week will be individually negotiated with each gymnast dependant on the boys level and goals. Advanced MAG boys can also be selected to be a part of our Performance Team.


Club Dynamite’s competition team. Selected students who show a high standard of skill, commitment and technical ability can join our Performance Team. Our team perform group routines, showcasing their skills in gymnastics, tumbling, stunts, acrobatics and showmanship.

The Performance Team participate in competitions throughout South east QLD, and have met with incredible success on the competition circuit. Due to the high level of skill required, gymnasts need to be training in Advanced Level gymnastics classes in addition to their Performance Team lessons. Highly skilled performers may also be invited to compete in Solo, Duo and Trio competitions.


MAG stands for Men's Artistic Gymnastics, which is the main Olympic Gymsport for boys and men. Boys will train and compete on 6 apparatus - Floor, Pommel horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and High bar, as well as doing supplementary work on trampoline, strength and flexibility. This program is for boys selected from our Gymstar program who show natural potential for gymnastics and a high standard of coordination and agility. Our boys work through the National levels program for levels 0-10 and have the opportunity to participate in both internal and external competitions, up to a state level. Upon entering this program boys will train once a week for 2 hours, increasing with their level and all boys will require a competition uniform. From here boys may be selected for our Advanced MAG program to compete at higher levels, or may move onto our Gym medals program.


Bronze Plus is for male and female gymnasts from year 3 and up, who have mastered the core foundation movements of gymnastics and are now ready to take their gymnastics to the next level, learning developmental skills on all gymnastics apparatus. Bronze plus gymnasts attend a weekly 75 minute class, and are selected from our Bronze program or our MAG/WAG level 2 programs.

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