We are located at 56 Secam Street, Mansfield.

We are the large green and white building!

We moved into this new facility on July 1st 2018. Our facility has a large car parking facility, spacious/air conditioned waiting areas and a mezzanine viewing deck and 1500 Square M of gymnastics learning space!

We have a large carpark at our facility, you are welcome to park in all spaces, even if there are reserved signs. There is also a lot of street parking available, please don't park in carparks for other businesses in the street, even if they appear closed. We have a drive through drop off point where you can drop your gymnasts straight at the front door.
Our minimum starting age is 3 years.

Children from 3 years can join our MiniMites program, this is a specialised pre school gymnastics program. Our MiniMites program does not involve parent participation, so children need to be ready to separate from parents and follow instructions from a coach to begin.

Beginners classes are available from 3 years of age to Teens.

Advanced Level Gymnastics classes cater for gymnasts up to national/international standard.

We offer a two class trial for new gymnasts. For this you pay for your first class and your second class is free. If after the first two classes you want to continue we charge fees in 10 week blocks (prorata if it is partway through the block at the time) and the annual registration fee, which is $85.
All new students need to be prebooked into a class before they start. Our classes all run with a maximum coach:gymnast ratio to ensure our gymnasts safety and enjoyment.
2024 Entry classes

The class your child starts in will depend on their age.

From 3 years of age until they start school - MiniMites (must be fully toilet trained and ready to separate from parents)

Girls from prep to year 2 at School - Gymstar

Boys from Prep-Year 2 - Junior boys

Girls in year 3 at school- Shooting Stars

Girls in year 4 and up and school and Boys in year 3 and up at school - Bronze

Our minimum starting age is 3 years old, beginners classes are available to all ages from 3 years to Teens. From these foundation level classes, gymnasts will be tested and selected to move to more advanced level classes once skills are mastered.

Yes! All classes run as normal during school holidays and student free days.
GIRLS UNIFORM 1. A leotard OR 2. A leotard with bike pants or leggings OR 3. A crop top with bike pants or leggings (no crop tops permitted for MiniMites, Gymstar or Shooting Stars) Full piece gymnastics leotards are preferred to crop tops. Please note the following is not allowed- - No skirts, skorts, dresses or leotards with attached skirts or frills - No singlets, T shirts, polo shirts etc, also no crop tops or leotards with capped sleeves - No full length crop tops/gymnastics singlets. The leotard must be full piece or a short crop top (max length to the sternum) - No shorts or pants, except for fitted bike pants or leggings, made from lycra (Leggings must be fully fitted, not boot leg) - Cropped singlets are not acceptable, crop tops must not come down further than the sternum and must have at least a 1 inch thick elastic at the bottom. BOYS UNIFORM 1. A singlet or boys leotard 2. Stretchy shorts with no pockets, buttons or zippers Please note. The following is not permitted – - T shirts, polo shirts or any shirts with sleeves - Board shorts, non stretchy shorts or pants HAIR In gymnastics, the kids spend a lot of time flipping and upside down. Hair can be a safety hazard and fall in their eyes or distract them while attempting skills. All hair past collar length needs to be worn up out of the face. If gymnasts hair is too short to go up but is past collar length a head band can be worn to keep it off the face. Please avoid any bows or clips in the hair, as they can dig into the child
All gymnasts are entitled to up to 2 make up classes per block for lessons missed. These can be taken in any equivalent class, at anytime during the block, but must be completed during the current block.
Yes, private lessons are available to Club Dynamite members. Costs are $60 for 30 minutes or $110 for 1 hour. Lessons can cover any aspect of the training that the gymnasts are working on in their classes/programs.
Only gymnasts participating in a class, under the supervision of a qualified coach may enter the gymnastics area or use gymnastics equipment.

We have a viewing area upstairs where you will be able to watch your child's class if you want to.

Please don't approach your child's coach to ask about their progress. The coaches will usually need to go straight from their current class to another class, so conversations with parents can take away from their other students class time. Please also be aware that your child works with a number of different coaches throughout their training session. You can find out about your child's progress by sending an email to admin@clubdynamite.com.au

All gymnasts will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of in house competitions and events each year, designed to build their confidence and performing ability and prepare them for external competitions as they progress. These events are designed to reward children's individual progress.

All MAG gymnasts participate in a variety of competitions at a Local, Regional and State level. Our boys have had great success in their events at all levels.

All gymnasts have the opportunity to work towards selection for our Performance Team. The performance team compete in many exciting competitions each year, with great success.

Competition is not compulsory except for those in our Performance Team and MAG programs.

Invoices will be emailed to you at the start of each new block, or for new gymnasts, when you have completed your trial. Payment is due within 7 days of receiving your invoice.

Our preferred payment method is online bank transfer and the bank details can be found on your invoice.

Please understand that when classes are in session we do not have the front counter attended as our staff will have their prime focus on the floor with your children.

Gymnasts can move up through the levels by mastering the required skills. We assess all of our gymnasts on a regular basis to evaluate their progress and see if they are ready for new challenges.

Once the skills are mastered for their class they will be given the opportunity to move up to a higher level, you will be notified by email when your child is ready to move up. If at anytime you would like a report on your child's progress just send us an email and we will send back their most recent testing results.

In most classes there will be more than one group, groups are divided up by ability with more advanced gymnasts working on higher level skills.

Please be aware that moving up through the levels is skill based, gymnasts need to master prerequisite skills in order to be safe and successful in learning the skills at the next level. Each gymnasts progress will be very individual.

Remember that there is great value in the learning journey. It is a wonderful achievement and we are excited to celebrate when a child moves up, but each child will meet their own personal challenges on the way, each will have certain skills or skill areas they need to work harder to master. The greatest gift that gymnastics can give a child is perseverance and determination, not only for things that are easy, but through challenges as well. Enjoy the journey!

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