Class Requirements


Class Requirements

Program Description Entry Requirement Attendance Per Week File
MiniMites Pre School Gymnastics classes for Boys and Girls from 3-5 years of age (not yet in Prep). These classes develop coordination, balance, flexibility, agility and confidence in a fun and engaging environment. As there is no parent participation in these classes, gymnasts need to be toilet trained, ready to separate from parents and follow instructions from a coach. Minimum 3 yrs of age. 45 minutes
Gymstar Gymnastics classes for Girls born 2013, 2014 and 2015 (must be in Prep-Year 2) Girls - Born 2013, 2014, 2015 (must be in school) 1 1/2 hours
Junior Boys Gymnastics classes for Boys in Prep, Year 1 and Year 2. Boys - Prep-Year 2 1 hour
Shooting Stars Gymnastics classes for girls in the year they are 7-8. Girls born 2012 1 hour
Bronze Gymnastics classes for girls and boys in year 3-5 at School. Year 3-5 at school 1 hour
Teen Gym Gymnastics classes for Teens and Pre Teens, in Years 6-12 at school. Year 6-12 at school 1 hour
Adult Gymnastics Open to adults of all ability levels, whether you are an absolute beginner looking for a fun way to keep fit and learn exciting skills, or have had previous gymnastics experience. Adults 1 hour
Bronze Plus An Intermediate level Gymnastics class designed to take students gymnastics to the next level, designed to extend on the core skills learned in earlier levels and introduce more advanced work. Passed Bronze Medal 1 1/4 hours
Silver A Pre Advanced level program for boys and girls designed to extend on previously learned gymnastics skills to take gymnasts ability to a more advanced level. Passed Bronze Plus Medal 1 1/2 hours
Gold Advanced Level gymnastics training, for boys and girls. Passed Silver medal 1 1/2 hours
WAG Women's Artistic Gymnastics, an exciting gymsport for girls. Learning progressive skills on Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor and Trampoline. Working through the National levels program. Passed Gymstar or Shooting Stars Medal 2 hours
Advanced WAG Advanced gymnastics for WAG working on high level skills. Selected from WAG Minimum 2 days a week (Performance Team can count as 2nd day)
MAG Men's Artistic Gymnastics, an exciting gymsport for boys. Learning skills on Floor, Pommel, Rings, Vault, P Bars, High bar and Trampoline. Boys participate in competitions. Passed Junior Boys Medal 2 hours per week.
MAG Extension Class Open to boys in MAG Level 2 and above, to help accelerate their gymnastics and take their training to the next level. Must be doing at least one other MAG class per week to attend this lesson. This class is optional for MAG Level 2's, but required for MAG gymnasts in Level 3 and above. MAG Level 2-4 Minimum 2 days per week (Must do at least one MAG class is addition to this class)
Performance Club Dynamite's Competition team, for Advanced gymnasts By Selection Minimum 2 days a week (at least 1 gymnastics class in addition to Performance Team training)

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Fees and charges information
  • An $85 annual registration fee is due joining, or on re-enrolment for each year.
  • Fees are nonrefundable, however, a credit may be offered in special circumstances.
  • The gym is closed on Public Holidays, fees calculated accordingly.
  • All classes run as normal as normal on pupil free days and school holidays. 

Special Discounts

  • 50% OFF the first two classes for new members.
  • 5% OFF 2nd child’s fees for a family of 2 attending.
  • 10% OFF 3rd child’s fees for a family of 3 or more attending.

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