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2018 Strength Challenge

  • 03 Sep, 2018
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Our WAG Level 1-4 and Silver gymnasts completed their 2018 strength test in August, everyone worked hard to set personal records and improve their results!  A very special congratulations to those gymnasts who achieved a strength record!

These gymnasts each had to beat out over 170 others to achieve these amazing results, all winners were presented with a trophy in class.  What a huge achievement!

Leg Lifts - Emily B
Handstand Hold - Lucy T
Long jump - Elisa J & Lilly K
Clear Straddle Hold - Aarya R
Chin ups - Emily P
P Bar chin ups - Aleksia T
Handstand walking - Alex S
Wall handstand - Meaghan K
Sit ups - Emily B
Box Jumps - Isabelle B & Lilly K
Tuck jumps - Elise CW
Front support walks - Louise A
Chin up pullovers - Eliza C

Leg lifts - Lily G & Zara A
Handstand Hold - Maddy L
Long Jump - Shelly E & Sofia U
Clrar straddle Hold - Zara A
Chin ups - April L & Zara A
P Bar chin ups - Kate P
Handstand walking - Lily G
Wall handstand - Lily G
Sit ups - Emily S
Box jumps - Sofia U
Tuck jumps - Sheridan N & Maddie CT
Front support walks - Alicia N
Chin up pullover - Chloe S


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