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Block 4 testing results 2018

  • 16 Sep, 2018
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Congratulations to those gymnasts who successfully passed their levels in block 4, and are moving up to a higher level.  This is an awesome achievement.

GYMSTAR - Passed Gymstar medal, moving up to WAG Level 1
Anan Yu
Holly Coburn
Millie Snell
Hillary Weller
Maya Johnston
Ruby Matthews
Libby Clarke
Katie Schuh
Mia Le Poidevin
Amity Richardson
Isla Olds
Violet Staff
Vanessa Chen
Isabelle Chipperfield
Isabelle Phillips
Emma Jones
Telija Sarracino
Emily Stanton

PASSED BRONZE MEDAL - Invited to Bronze Plus
Alice Jensen
Misha Williams
Camryn Hathaway
Edyn Tukaki
Holly Yuan
Katie Hennessy 
Marley Sanders
Annabella Cheng
Bridget Carlson

PASSED BRONZE PLUS - Invited to Silver
Lily Airey
Madison Olive
Sophia Warnock
Sophia Gibson

PASSED SILVER - Invited to Gold
Jemma Gilder

VAULT LEVEL 1 - Macy Moschonas, Poppy Stapleton, Annabelle Hollier, Sophia Thornton, Ella Skinner & Mia Campbell

VAULT LEVEL 3 - Annika Kelly- Sammut & Ellie Vos

VAULT LEVEL 4 - Skylah Le Huy, Caitlin Morris, Shyla Parker, Olivia Wilson, Summer Clare, Ella Smyth & Tullie Perbary

VAULT LEVEL 5 - Tessa Judd & Isabella Franco

VAULT LEVEL 6 - Rosie Sinclair

BARS LEVEL 1 - Kyori Suwito, Miranda Bowen, Vienna Stephens, Freya Brown, Savannah Watson

BARS LEVEL 2 - Aisling Duggan, Matilda Harriman, Mia Sherry & Chelsea Chiang

BARS LEVEL 3 - Mia Sherry & Annika Kelly- Sammut

BARS LEVEL 4 - Ellie Vos

BARS LEVEL 5 - Olivia Tacey, Rosie Sinclair & Isabella Franco

BEAM LEVEL 1 - Aarya Repal, Eliana Goosem, Mikayla Lilis - Crep, Freya Brown, Nellie Morris, Georgia Cooke, Isla Bloomfield, Molly Zha & Danika Weys

BEAM LEVEL 2 - Heleni Burley, Mia Sherry & Allegra Guardala

BEAM LEVEL 4 - Ellie Vos, Ella Smyth & Summer Clare

BEAM LEVEL 5 - Mikayla Patane & Sofia Hudson

FLOOR LEVEL 1 - Kyoria Suwito, Danika Weys, Siena Rovelli, Nellie Morris, Rebecca Hoey, Ellie Clive, Elena Tsimboukis, Chelsea Chiang, Sophia Thornton

FLOOR LEVEL 2 - Mikayla Lillie’s-Crep, Meg Clive & Mia Sherry

FLOOR LEVEL 3 - Annika Kelly- Sammut & Alex Sadin 

FLOOR LEVEL 4 - Rebecca Sayer & Summer Clare

FKOOR LEVEL 6 - Sienna Tacey, Olivia Tacey, Isabella Franco, Olivia Wilson, Selina Siedlecki

AA LEVEL 1 - Eleni Tsimboukis, Macy Moschonas, Poppy Stapleton, Annabelle Hollier, Mikayla Lillis- Crep, Freya Brown, Nellie Morris

AA LEVEL 2 - Meg Clive, Heleni Burley, Allegra Guardala, Mia Sherry

AA LEVEL 3 - Ellie Vos

AA LEVEL 4 - Ella Smyth, Olivia Wilson, Shyla Parker, Caitlin Morris, Skylah Le-Huy, Summer Clare


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