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Kids Artistic Revue 2018

  • 20 Nov, 2018
  • Posted By : Kristel Suess
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Saturday November 17th was our final competition in a very busy year!  Olivia W and Sofia H headed to the Lingo Lin Performance Arts Centre to compete in the KAR (Kids Artistic Revue) competition!

Both girls topped a great competition season with a fabulous solo performance.

Sofia contested the 11 years rising star Acro/Gymnastics solo division.  Sofia won a 1st place award with an amazing 268 points out of a possible 285.

Olivia competed in the 10 years rising star Acro/Gymnastics solo division.  Winning a Top 1st place with a phenomenal 271 points out of a possible 285!

Olivia also achieved the high point medal for achieving the 10th highest score in the entire competition out of all 9, 10 and 11 year olds sections in all styles of performing arts!

Great work girls!


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