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WAG March strength test

  • 17 Mar, 2019
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Congratulations to all of our WAG Level 1-3 gymnasts who successfully completed their strength test in March!

The gymnasts completed a series of tests to determine their upper body strength, core strength, leg strength, handstand strength, shaping and speed.  All gymnasts worked hard and pushed themselves to improve their own personal records.

Gymansts who achieved the highest result in each area in their class were awarded and 1st place ribbon and gymnasts who achieved the highest result out of all the WAG Level 1-3 Girls were awarded a trophy.  This is a huge achievement as 183 gymansts completed the test.

Congratulations to our trophy winners -

Wall Handstand - Dalma C
V snaps - Annabelle L & Savannah R
Chin ups - Hannah P
Sprint - Jasmine T
Leg lifts - Isla B & Aarya R
Handstand hold - Abi P
Clear straddle hold - Isabel K
front support walks - Gabriella L
Box jumps - Katie S
Press handstands - Molly Z
Standing long jump - Lilly K
Chin up pullovers - Emily A
Handsgand Walking - Emily A
Toes to bar hang - Isabel K


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