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  • 02 Dec, 2019
  • Posted By : Kristel Suess
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MiniMites is our Pre School gymnastics program for girls and boys from 3 years of age, up to the time they start school.  

Gymnastics is one of the most incredible activities for Pre School aged children as it promotes coordination, dexterity, strength, balance, flexibility, confidence, agility, spatial awareness and school readiness.

Prep teachers report that one of the biggest challenges facing kids as they enter school is a lack of core strength, making is difficult for them to sit still or sit at a desk for any length of time, thus impacting their learning and behaviour and giving them a negative introduction to their school years.  Gymnasts is amazing for developing core strength and helping prepare kids for this challenge.

Bar work also significantly increases grip strength and dexterity, which helps with handwriting, typing, tying shoelaces and playing a musical instrument.

Most sports are actually considered inappropriate for pre school aged children, as they use the same repetitive body movements over and over.  This develops certain muscles but not others, which does not promote even and healthy growth.  Gymnastics is one of the few sports, which use all muscle groups due to the wide variety of movement patterns.  Promoting healthy growth and development.

Research also shows that children who start out in gymnastics, gain an incredible advantage in other sports taken up later on.  Gymanstics is considered to be the nursery of all sports, as the skills learned will promote all body movements.

Our MiniMites program is open to children aged 3 years and above.  We are now taking enrolments for 2020, classes for this age group will begin from January 28th in the New year.

MiniMites classes are offered Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings with several time slots to choose from.  Our MiniMites coaches are all accredited Gymnastics Australia coaches, with specialist qualifications in early childhood gymnastics development.

To book in for a trial send us an email to


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