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Safety Week Feb 2021

  • 16 Feb, 2021
  • Posted By : Kristel Suess
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Well done to all the amazing gymnasts in our Gymstar and Junior Boys programs who successfully passed their safety ribbons in February 2021!  Learning how to land and fall safely is one of the most important skills to develop early on in gymnastics training.

Our gymansts participated in the safety week program where they learned skills such as gymnastics safety rules, Motorbike landings, safety falls, safety rolls and safety catches from apparatus.  Gymnasts who showed successful mastery of these skills were awarded their safety ribbon.  Within our Star level programs there are 12 skill ribbons to master and for many of our gymnasts this was their very first!

Well done to the following gymnasts - 
Adella Y          
Adelyn S
Aoife F
Amelia J
Amine A
Aoide C
Asher O
Audrey E
Ava S
Bianca C
Caitlin W
Charlotte L
Charlotte D
Charlotte I
Chloe A
Chloe H
Chloe W
Eleni P
Elizabeth S
Elizabeth T
Ella S
Ella-Rose G
Elodie O
Elysha F
Emily Sc
Emiiy Sm
Emily Z
Eve D
Evelyn S
Evie D
Florence L
Georgia E
Harper J
Heidi S
Illyana S
Imogen D
Indy R
Isabella C
Isla K
Ivy T
Jacinta F
Jasmina H
Jasmine J
Jessica Kw
Jessica M
Josephine D
Juliette A
Juliette H
Kaatie I
Lana T
Lilah P
Lilli C
Lily H
Luca S
Lucia Y
Lucy F
Lucy G
Lucy W
Macie P
Maggie L
Maisie H
Marni P
Mia K
Mia M
Millie T
Mia C
Molly B
Molly S
Momoka C
Nadia P
Olivia O
Poppy F
River B
Rosie C
Ruby D
Sahara G
Samantha C
Scarlett E
Sienna R
Sienna R
Skye P
Sophia P
Sydney-Louise W
Kitiara M
Zoe K
Zoe W

Aydin T
Corbin H
Curtly C
Dominic M
Elijah T
Harrison W
Noah C
Patrick L
Peter E
Theo W

Also a special mention to those gymnasts in some of our other programs who earnt their safety ribbons earlier in the year (January)
Alayna L
Alice C
Audrey E
Beatrix S
Evie S
Georgia W
Isabella D
Jessica W
Liriel M
Madeline W
Mayah S
Navreet K
Olivia W

Abigail Z
Ava W
Chenuka M
Harleen K
Helena K
Jacob C
Liliana M
Marlowe C
Olivia S
Tiya P



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