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2021 Boys Competition

  • 12 Dec, 2021
  • Posted By : Kristel Suess
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Well done to the 45 boys from our Junior Boys and MAG programs, who participated in our 2021 boys competition on December 12th!

The boys performed 6 routines they have learned in training for family and friends - on Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars & High Bar!

Each boys was given a score out of 10 on each apparatus, a certificate and a trophy!  We are very proud of all the boys!

For many of our Junior Boys it was their first time displaying their gymanstics, they did an incredible job to learn all 6 routines and then perform them on their own for the crowd and the judges!

Our MAG boys showcased the work they have been doing throughout the year in competitions, with many of them adding an extra skill to their routines to show the new things they have been learning.

A special shout out to those boys who received the highest score for their level on the day for an apparatus - 

Floor - Eli N, Curtly C, Finlay D
Pommel Horse - Aydin T
Rings - Archer A
Vault - Finlay D, Aaron L, Aydin T
Parrallel bars - Finlay D
High Bar - Finlay D, Mitchell O

Floor - Matthew C
Pommel horse - Brody L
Rings - Matthew C
Vault - Matthew C
Parrallel Bars - Claude B
High Bar - Tehndai M

Floor - Petersen F
Pommel Horse - Petersen F, ALex DB
Rings - Asher F
Vault - Alex DB
Parrallel Bars - Asher F
High Bar - Petersen F

Floor - Loic G
Pommel Horse - Daniel J
Rings - Loic G
Vault - Daniel J
Parallel Bars - Tate R
High Bar - Daniel J


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