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2022 Team Challenge

  • 14 Jul, 2022
  • Posted By : Kristel Suess
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Our 2022 Team Challenge was held on the June/July School holidays, as always it's 2 weeks of lots of excitment and fun.  Each year on the mid year holidays we hold the event and all our gymnasts are split up into 4 x coloured teams based on the 1st letter of their last name.
A-E - Blue Team
F-K - Green Team 
L-R - Red Team
S-Z - Yellow Team

Each gymanst received a point for their team for every class they attended and there were lots more opportunities to earn more points for their teams throughout their classes.

The kids underwent lots of competitions to build their strength including challenges for the most sit ups, box jumps, chin ups, leg lifts, longest long jumps, longest Tuck and L hangs on bars and so much more.  Many of our challenges helped them to improve technique like STICK dismount games, handstand hold competitions etc and to work on their skills.  Lots of challenges also build their fitness, team work and thinking skills, and of course lots were just for fun.

Everyone had a blast, it is awesome to hear our older and younger gymnasts cheering each other on.  The Team Challenge really brings the whole gym together and helps everyone to feel connected and part of a team!

All the teams scored an amazing number of points, with the red team winning the challenge overall - 
Red Team - 1st place - 3251 points
Yellow Team - 2nd place - 3171 points
Blue Team - 3rd place - 2908 points
Green team - 4th place - 2617 points

It was amazing to be able to hold our full 2 week Team Challenge for the first time in 3 years due to COVID. We had to cancel our 2020 challenge altogether due to restrictiuons and only got to do half the challenge in 2021 due to a lockdown.  We cant wait for 2023!!


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