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2024 Brisbane Evolution competition Day 1 - Juniors & Seniors

  • 24 May, 2024
  • Posted By : Kristel Suess
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After months of preperations we are so excited to have finally launched out 2024 competition season!

The season began on Saturday May 18th, with th Brisbane Evolution competiton.  

The day began with our Junior Team heading out to Moretan Bay College to contest the 10 years and under Acrobatics groups division.  This is the very first time Club Dynamite has had an exclusive 10 years and under team, the gymansts are aged 8-10 years old and just full of talent and energy.

Several members of the team were having their very first competition too!

Our Juniors just Blitzed it, they competed 2 routines in the 10 years and under division, anbd won BOTH 1st and 2nd place for their outstanding performances, earning an honours level score and qualifying for the National Championships!  What an incredible start to the year!

Later that evening our experienced Senior team came out to MBC to contest the Open age divisions.  Our Senior Team comprises highly experienced gymansts from 13-17 years of age.

They put on a show stopping performance with their two routines, in the Open age Acrobatics section.  The standard of the section was very high and the audience must have felt like they had been taken to Cirque Du Soleil!  Our teams received 2 x special mention awards (4th place and 5th place), earning the highest scores of all the teams, will into the 90's!

To finish of the night our Seniors performed their Can Can routine in the open age Any Style section and were awarded 2nd place for their awesome, fun and high energy routine!

We now prepared to return to the competition the following day, for our Mini and Intermediate teams to contest the 8 years and and and 12 years and under sections!


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