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2024 Ipswich eisteddfod groups weekend 2

  • 22 Jun, 2024
  • Posted By : Kristel Suess
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We headed back to the Ipswich Civic Centre on Sunday June 16th for our Junior Performance Team (8-10 years) to compete in the 10 years and under age division at the Ipswich eisteddfod!

Our Junior Team had a tough division, as not only did they have to compete against other Acrobatics teams, but also a variety of different types of styles of performance.  But the girls put on an incredible show, showcasing a very high level of skill for such young gymnasts.

They won 1st place in the 10 years and under Age division with their "Newsies" routine and were also awarded the Very Highly Commended award (4th place) for their 2nd routine "Frozen".

Amazing work girls!  2 competitions so far this year and 1st place for both!

Our Junior Team are now busy preparing for their next competition, the Future stars Brisbane competition in July.  And we will be back at the Ipswich eisteddfod over the holidays for our Mini, Junior and Intermediate solo and duo competitiors! 


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