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2024 Ipswich eisteddfod solos

  • 29 Jun, 2024
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In June 23rd and 24th we kicked off our solo competition season, with our Junior and Intermediate solists competing at the Ipswich eisteddfod!

The event began on Saturday, with Isabelle Minnie competing in the 11-12 years Acrobatics solos division.  This was Isabelle very first time competing a solo, and she did an amazing job.  Wowing the audience with her awesome skills, and performing beautifully.  It was a tough section of experienced performers, but Isabelle certainly held her own.  She was awarded the Very Highly Commended award (4th place) in the section.

On Monday June 24th we returned for our Junior Soloists Zoe Fidge, Zara Walker and Emma Tang to compete in the 10 years and under Acrobatics solos division.

Emma and Zara were also competing a solo for the first time ever, and all 3 girls had brand new solos to compete.  All the girls were fabulous, showing incredible skills and artistry, with all three taking a place in the section.

1st place - Emma
Very Highly Commeded Award (4th place) - Zoe & Zara (tie)

Our soloist are now busy preparing for their next competition, and our Senior soloists and dup competitiors are getting ready to kick start their competition season shortly too!


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